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New To Rankins - Few Questions

Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:21 pm

I have been lurking on the forum for a while but finally decided to bite the bullet and join.

Initially I started looking at Bearded Dragons after falling in-love with them at work, but after being given a vivarium that would be much too small for one, I was recommended that a Rankins may be more suitable. The said vivarium is 3ft long, not exactly sure of the other measurements....either 12 x 15" or 15 x 18", which i've noticed is a little smaller than the recommended size but would it be adequate considering it is a ft longer than the minimum recommendations? Although I am considering selling it for a larger, 4ft vivarium to give more space and enable me to add a better custom background as I plan to do. Even if I get a bigger vivarium I have decided to stick to Rankins purely because I find them facinating and I like their smaller size, and they are different to the commonly kept Bearded Dragons.
I've also read about substrate and as I plan to make a custom background wondered if I could use some sort of tile grouted into the viv? Or lino or vinyl? What sort of tiles could I use? (obviously not the glossy/slippery kind) That way I have a nice floor and always the option to use other substrates on top if/when needed.

Also a little confused on lighting/heating arrangements. On the rankins dragon website it doesn't say anything about a basking light, just uvb and a ceramic heat lamp. Now from doing a bit of research on various sites i've come to the conclusion that a 12% uvb tube and a 100w basking lamp is adequate? (With the right thermostats/timers/thermometers in place of course)

Being used to caring for the Bearded Dragons at work, is feeding a Rankins fairly similar?
Bugs, how many in one feeding? and how often/how many times a day?
Supplements, Calcium/Nutrobal how often/when? Any other supplements needed?
I have read that they tend to eat more live food in comparison to Bearded Dragons, so is it right to provide live food several times a day and make sure fresh veg is always available to them?
Would it also be beneficial to provide a small amount of the dry pelleted Bearded Dragon food for it to snack on for variety as part of its diet? Or even a couple of times a week if not down all the time?

I'd also like to know if its recommended to keep 2 together? I've read that they can live in pairs/groups but how is it best to go about this? Buying 2 from the same litter could be risky if you then end up with a male/female. Not sure what age they can be accurately sexed? Or is it better to get one, wait to see what sex it is and then obtain an older sexed Rankins? I probably want to keep just one, but want to make sure it won't be lonely? And do females lay eggs without a male present?

I think thats all my questions....for now. Not getting one untill next year but thought may as well start properly researching and gradually buying what I need ready and sourcing where to get one from :D

Re: New To Rankins - Few Questions

Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:44 pm

Hi. Id say 3 ft is big enough but i always think the bigger the better !! i started with a 4ft now ive built 2 5ft vivs !
I used the exo terra uvb 10% tube going the full lenght of the viv but just changed to the arcadia 12% and i did have a 150w heat bulb but kept over heating the viv even on the thermostat so i lowerd it to a 100w now a 75w temps hold ok now, on for 12 -14 hours a day in sumer and droped down to 8 - 10 hours in the winter

I think it would be the same as a bearded dragon feeding exept smaller bugs i normally just chuck a load in let the feeding frenzie begin and take the ones i can catch at the end of the day just before lights out i calcium dust it a few times a week and nutrebol every other time i dust them.. always have veg but raley eat it !! i dust that aswell sometimes

As for getting more than 1 id be carefull i started with to related females as babys turned out to be male and female so seperated them, then brought another "female" turned out to be male so had to put that with my fermale and they didnt like each other at all at first they would fight constantly but calmed down and now there fine then got 2 more "females" turned out to be 1 male 1 female and the male would bully my original male so had to get rid of him. so had a lot of problems ! it is cool when they do get on but be ready with a spare viv and setup just incase !!!! hope it helps abit kev

Re: New To Rankins - Few Questions

Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:45 pm

Oh ye and i have put lino in mine work s great tryed the sand and things but cant beat lino easy to clean and no mess or sand stuck in the runners!!
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