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 Post subject: New update on Nando.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:44 am 
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Rank: Almost Juvie

Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:39 am
Blackpool England

Pet Dragon Info:
I male Rankin called Button. 16 months old, Sadly passed away.
1 Blood red rainbow 1/2 cross Bearded Dragon called Solar 2 years old.(Male)Sadly passed away.
1 Bearded Dragon called Lunar 3 years old. Male!
I bearded dragon called Nando 2 year old Female
1 old Ginger Tom cat called Cookie.16 years.
Hi all.
I am so pleased with my little Nando. She's about 18 months old now.
I've had her over 4 months and she's made huge progress. She is shedding again for the 2nd time since I've had her.
She has grown so much and now weighs around 400g. She will eat whatever I give her unlike Lunar who's become quite a picky eater.
He actually looks like he's sulking if there is no watercress in his dish. He sits at the back of his tank facing the wall and gives me a dirty look if I call his name.

I've started introducing them to each other for a few minutes every day. I put them both on the floor at a distance allowing Lunar to run free while I stay close to Nando so I can rescue her if Lunar shows any signs of agression.
He is quite curious and will run up to her, lick her face and then run away again bobbing like crazy and stamping his foot.
Nando just tends to sit where I put her but I have seen a few gentle head bobs in his direction.
Hopefully we may get babies in a few months time.

Lunar has developed a funny little habit. When he poops I've always removed it as soon as I discovered it. Now when he does it he comes to the front of the tank and stands up at the glass scratching at it until I remove his poop. It just shows they are quite intellegent animals.

Terri x x x

 Post subject: Re: New update on Nando.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:24 am 
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Thu Apr 10, 2008 3:52 am
Seattle, USA

Pet Dragon Info:
Rankins: Mitzi (F).
Beardies: Luca (M), Mocha (M)
Blue Tongue Skinks: Teal (F), Cinnamon (?)
Giant Mexican Horned Lizards: Linus (M), Louis (M)
Uromastyx: Brian (M), Chloe (F), Kora (F), Kami (M), Melody (F), Murray (M), Omar (M)
Hi Terri,

It's great to hear that she is settling down and they sound comfortable around each other (it's good that they have supervision at this stage though).

The glass dancing at poop time is pretty cool :) Lilly, our female Beardie, will do that too. It's almost as if they want you to know. We had a Mali Uromastyx that would never poop in his house unless he was desparate. He would wait for his weekly bath and go in there instead.

They can be pretty house-proud :lol:

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted" - Prof. Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture
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