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Update on Nando

Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:49 pm

Hi all.

Nando my new female beardie has settled into the family really well.
She is very tame and loves to sit on my shoulder and watch tv.
I've got her eating anything I put in front of her but she really loves mealworms and apple.(the apple is fed only as a treat)
When I got her a month ago she was quite skinny and wrinkly and weighed 249g. Now she has filled out a bit, has nice fat pads developing and weighs 312g. At the moment she is going through a total body shed, in fact the only part of her not shedding yet is the last 2 inches of her tail! :P
She enjoys her baths and doesn't mind when I spray her with 'Repti-shedding aid'.
I still have her on kitchen paper at the moment and it's so cute when she goes to sleep at night as she lifts a flap of paper up and buries her head underneath it.

Lunar gets a bit jealous when Nando is out so I make sure he gets extra fuss and cuddles. He went off his food for a little while when Nando first came home but I think part of it was he was grieving for Solar. They had been around each other since they were 8 weeks old though I put them in seperate tanks at 7 months. They used to see each other all the time. He seems happier in the bigger tank.
He is also shedding big style and is quite grumpy with it as usual. He used to hate baths but I've found a smaller tub to bath him in which he seems more secure in.

My little Grandson who is 3 came last week and asked to see the orange lizard, I told him he was gone and that we had a new baby lizard. He was so cute saying 'Is it like my baby in mummys tummy?' as he is getting a brother or sister in february.
He's become obsessed with babies at the moment.

I've just ordered my emergency winter survival kit. 1Kg of mealworms and a large supply of bug grub.
I will continue to feed them crickets and locust but if we have bad weather and supplies can't be sent out I will have the mealworms to fall back on. :)

Terri x x x

Re: Update on Nando

Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:50 pm

Hi Terri,

Sounds like she has settled in really well :D :D

I remember when we lost Stacey, our Blue Tongue Skink, that I had to explain to my daughter (then 3 and a half) why I was so upset and what it means when something dies. She went and grabbed her etch-a-sketch and made some scriibles on it, then brought it to me. "It says Dear Stacey, you died and went to heaven but we will see you again. We have to say goodbye now. Love Mummy, Daddy and Samantha".

Children have a perception that sometimes extends way beyond their years.

Re: Update on Nando

Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:06 pm

Hi Mark.

She seems very happy in her new home. She's off to the vets with Lunar on friday for a check up and worming.

Kids are so funny when it comes to subjects like death.
My youngest, Kieran was 10 when I lost Button and had never experienced the loss of anyone or any pets.
I told him every time he saw a dragonfly it was Button coming to see us. (we get quite a few where we live)
He still says the dragonflies are Button and he's nearly 14.

I always think that God gives us pets because they need our love. When we lose them it's because there is another animal that needs us to love them. That is why I always replace a pet when I lose one. It works for me and that's how I explained it to my kids.
My old ginger tom is 16 and I dread losing him. My husband is a builder and found him and his sister at 6 weeks old dumped in a box where he was working. I re-homed the female but I couldn't part with Cookie. He is a beautiful loyal cat. When the time comes I will have to have another rescue cat as there are so many needing homes. If it was up to me I would adopt them all.

Terri x x x

Re: Update on Nando

Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:45 pm

Hi Terri,

That's a lovely way of looking at it :)
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