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Solar is sick

Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:07 pm

Hi All.
Solar my beautiful orange beardie is really sick.
Yesterday I noticed his belly was really bloated so I gave him a tepid bath thinking he may need to poop. (he'd already been earlier)
He drank some of his bathwater as usual but when I got him out of the water he vomited huge amounts(for a lizard) of undigested crickets and the greens he'd eaten the day before. :shock:
I haven't fed him since but just dripped a bit of water on his nose this morning.
I gave him another tepid bath this afternoon and again he drank some of the water.
As soon as he was out of his bath again he vomited up the water. He was jet black under his chin and all the way down his belly so I could see he was stressed.
I rang the vets and got him in as an emergency.
The vet was brilliant. She checked him over and said he was in a reasonable condition but she could see his belly was huge.
He's staying overnight to have an x ray and some other tests and I should know what's causing it by tomorrow morning.
She said even though he has been pooping every 2-3 days he could still have a blockage. :cry:
I hope he's alright x x x

Re: Solar is sick

Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:09 am

Hi Terri,

I'm very sorry to hear that. It can't have been a pleasant experience :(

My Beardies used to throw up after drinking bath water sometimes. It's not always a bad sign. They can gulp the water down too quickly and get some in their lungs, which can case them to regurgitate. The black beard is stress, which can happen when they've been sick or are not feeling well.

The good thing with Beardies is that, with all but the most severe blockages, they can get through this. It depends on the nature of the blockage. If it's undigested food then a few CCs of mineral oil each day and some warm baths usually does the trick (you may need to up the cage temps a bit to help nature take its course).

For other obstructions surgery could be a viable option. They handle anaesthetic quite well and recovery is usually good.

It may be that he was a little deyhdrated and has some poop in the intestines that is causing the blockage. Mineral oil usually works well for this. I have also used acupunture for blockages in lizards and it works very well.

Let's see what the X-Rays show. It may be something that will pass on its own.

Post back with his progress.

Best regards,

Re: Solar is sick

Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:03 am

Thanks Mark.

I think whatever it is I spotted it quite early as the vet said he was in good condition. He was quite alert and still bobbing at anything that moved which is a good sign.
He usually poops every 2 or 3 days, usually in the bath, he went yesterday and also today when I used a dampened cotton bud around his vent which I have discovered can stimulate them to go.

He has a good healthy diet of crickets and locusts dusted twice weekly with calcium and vitamins.
He eats watercress, rocket leaves, brussel sprout leaves, peppers with the skin removed, tiny garden peas(only on days he has calcium powder). As a treat he has small pieces of apple, banana and grape with the skin removed.
His weight is good and maintained at 740g at the moment.

His viv temps are 102 at the hot end and 85 at the cool end.His viv is 3ft /2ft and 2 1/2 ft high and is on top of Lunars tank so he gets some heat rising up. I use the finest sand I could find for substrate, childrens play sand which doesn't seem to clump together like normal sand.
All live food is fed out of their tanks either by hand or chased and caught on the floor.
I usually bath them both twice a week, Lunar hates it and jumps out as soon as I let go of her. Solar loves his bath and will sit in it until the water goes cold, then tries to jump back in when I'm drying him.

Hopefully I will get good news when the vet rings me in the morning, if we can avoid surgery that would be brilliant.
Terri x x x
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