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 Post subject: Help needed
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:06 pm 
Rank: An Egg
Rank: An Egg

Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:37 pm

Pet Dragon Info:
1 1/2 year old rankins dragon
Hi everyone. We are new owners of a rankins dragon that is 1 1/2 years old. We have had it for 2 weeks.
They did not know the gender.
Anyways, it was a good eater the first days, ate several crickets a day and was very alert and curios.
Then it started twitching one back leg, and moving slower.
Now its like flat, moving very stiffly around.
We have dusted the crickets with calcium and ones a week with vitamins. He or she has pooped every day exept one and we have given a warm bath every day.
We live in Sweden so we use celsius instead of Fahrenheit but we have around 27 celsius in the cool side and 32 celsius on the warm side, 40 celsius on the basking spot.
The terrarium is 90 cm long and 40cm high and deep. We use a Solar Glo 125W plus 75W daylight lamp and two other daylight lamps for the light only. And a ceramic heatlamp 60W.
We thought it had lumps in the stomache and are a little bit thinking what if its eggs?
Or are we doing something wrong?
Spikey as we call it is hiding 2-3 hours after we put on the lights then Spikey slowly comes out and lies in the basking area.
No interest in food.
In the first week he was like scratching the glass all around the terrarium like he wanted to get out.
We have tiles in the bottom with a korkmat. The tiles only cover a small area and are not slippy.
We wanted to try without any substrate first so we dont have to start of with a constipation.
Spikey has two caves and a big branch and water dish and food bowl. Two live plants, a ficus and a yucca palm wich we were told are not poisonous. Spikey has not eaten on the plants.
We have also given salad every day with different greens but Spikey has only tasted a few bits of salad.

I hope someone has the time to read this, and maybe has some ideas what we can do???

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